Thanks to recent innovations, outdoor porcelain pavers are quickly becoming the go-to material for modern hardscapes. Whether you’re using them for a porcelain deck, patio, rooftop deck, around the pool, or even on a driveway, porcelain pavers are at the top of the list for designers, builders, architects, landscapers, and homeowners. Why outdoor porcelain pavers? Here are a few reasons why you’ll want them too for your next outdoor project. 

Durability – Thicker than their indoor cousins, outdoor porcelain pavers are usually 20mm thick or more. More durable than wood, porcelain offers impressive strength and impact resistance over alternatives. Outdoor porcelain pavers are even suitable for driveways, a testament to their strength and durability. 

Structure – Porcelain tiles and pavers are made from dense clay fired at temperatures higher than 2000 °F. This clay is engineered from materials like quartz, feldspar, and other materials. Digital technology and lasers are used to create uniform edges and patterns which replicate the appearance of natural stone and wood grain.

Slip Resistance – Outdoor porcelain pavers are remarkably slip-resistant, making them ideal for around the pool or on surfaces where people walk outdoors. 

Unlimited Design Options – Nearly any design aesthetic can be accomplished with outdoor porcelain pavers. From realistic wood grain to marble, limestone, and other natural stone finishes, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing with porcelain. 

Sizing – Whether you’re designing with small cobbles or large porcelain paver planks, there is an outdoor porcelain paver solution for your project. Porcelain pavers also come in a variety of thicknesses for the toughest of applications. 

Low Maintenance – Unlike other surface coverings, you’ll never need to sand and stain a porcelain deck. Stain-free and resistant to cuts, scrapes & abrasions, the only maintenance you’ll need is an occasional powerwash to return your outdoor porcelain tiles to their freshly-installed look. 

Weather-Proof – Porcelain pavers can handle anything mother nature throws at them; with ease. Withstanding freeze & thaw cycles, UV damage, fire, water and more. A wood deck or interlock patio – not so much. 

Installation Flexibility – Lighter and more manageable than other materials, outdoor porcelain pavers are a great idea in tight spots that a truck can’t access. When used in conjunction with a pedestal system, they can be installed quickly, without excavation. Install porcelain pavers on rooftops, sloped surfaces, or over compacted sand or gravel. 

Inherent Drainage – When installed with a pedestal system, outdoor porcelain pavers have drainage built right in. Water simply drains between the tiles almost instantly. 

The advantages of using porcelain pavers for your outdoor hardscaping projects are obvious! If you need advice or further information about outdoor porcelain pavers, contact the Canadian Deck Experts at Canadian Pedestal Systems today!