Upgrade your simple wood deck to a beautiful porcelain deck!

SilcaGrate makes it easy to install porcelain tiles onto your new or existing deck. Enhance the appeal and value of your outdoor living space, quickly and effortlessly. SilcaGrate makes it simple to cut and shape; the design choices are endless. Say goodbye to your wood deck, and hello to a porcelain deck using SilcaGrate.

The SilcaGrate heavy-duty sub-flooring system is durable and low maintenance, offering numerous advantages over wood. Easy to install right over the top of your existing joists, its heavy-duty linking grid system will save you time and money. Replacing your deck every few years will no longer be necessary.

Have the deck you have always wanted!

Upgrade your outdoor living space while adding to your home’s value. With unlimited design options available, including multi-levels and stairs, you can now have the deck you have always dreamed of with minimal effort or investment.

Enjoy your outdoor living space more than ever.

Designed with built-in flex, SilcaGrate adapts to changing weather conditions, eliminating the risks of settling or heaving. Its hexagonal underlayment provides 360-degrees of support every two inches, easily supporting the weight above, without the need for excavation or backfilling while delivering durable, long-lasting results.

Engineered to last a lifetime!

Growing tired of maintaining and replacing your wooden deck? Porcelain decks are high-quality, durable and low maintenance, as is the SilcaGrate system supporting it underneath. SilcaGrate porcelain decks are engineered to last a lifetime, saving you years of maintenance and money.

A low-maintenance deck beautifies your outdoor living space while adding to the value of your home. The magic of SilcaGrate lets you leave wood behind and transform your deck into a beautiful porcelain deck, creating an extraordinary elevated patio that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Transform your deck with the magic of SilcaGrate and leave your wood deck behind!

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