Porcelain pavers have become incredibly popular when designing hardscapes. After all, they’re not only exceptionally versatile, but they offer a variety of benefits, from durability to the ability to use them in practically any environment. If you love the look of porcelain pavers, we’ve put together a list of a few great ways to use them in your outdoor projects.

  1. Installing Porcelain Pavers Over Grass – Lush, vibrant green grass juxtaposed with modern hardscape design adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor living space, adding to both your enjoyment and your home’s value. Use porcelain pavers as a walkway or cultivate a stepping stone pattern on your lawn. Porcelain pavers can be installed directly over the grass. However, for better results, remove the grass and a bit of the topsoil below from the area where the porcelain pavers will be installed. This method offers greater stability and a more level surface to walk on. 
  2. Installing Porcelain Pavers Over a Rooftop – Not limited to ground-level applications, porcelain pavers will take your rooftop deck or patio to new heights. When used with a pedestal system, you’ll enjoy a perfectly level surface, even on a sloped roof, without damaging expensive roofing systems.
  3. Installing Porcelain Pavers Over a Concrete Patio – Concrete patios look dated and rarely age well. Porcelain pavers are a great way to create a raised floor overtop of your existing patio. Enlist the help of a pedestal system for quick and easy installation, sometimes completing your project in a matter of hours. As a bonus, these raised floors are an excellent way to disguise plumbing and electrical conduits while retaining easy access to them when needed. 
  4. Installing Porcelain Pavers Around the Pool – Porcelain pavers are an excellent surface material for pool decks. Quick draining, slip-resistant and safe, they’re great around the pool or hot tub, adding an upscale appeal. Porcelain can be cut to address curves, resulting in unlimited design options. 

Benefits of Porcelain Pavers

When installing porcelain pavers in any of the projects above, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Design Versatility -Nearly any design aesthetic can be accomplished with outdoor porcelain pavers.
  • Slip Resistance – Outdoor porcelain tiles are remarkably slip-resistant
  • Weatherproof – It’s like porcelain pavers were engineered to stand up to Canadian winters
  • Ease of Installation – Porcelain pavers can be installed in a variety of ways and can be used in situations where other options are impossible
  • Quick Draining – When used with a pedestal system, porcelain pavers drain almost instantly.
  • Low Maintenance – A porcelain deck or patio will never need to be sanded and stained. Stain-free, simply give your hardscapes an occasional powerwash to return them to their freshly-installed good looks. 

However you choose to install porcelain pavers, Canadian Pedestal Systems can help. We offer expert advice, quality, durable products from reputable manufacturers and outstanding customer service. When planning new hardscapes, or upgrading existing ones, consider porcelain pavers and a pedestal system. You’ll work less, save more, and spend more time on your deck instead of repairing it.