Recently, while sorting emails, we came across a letter from a hardscaping contractor telling us about
his experience installing a rooftop deck. He explains how our pedestal system allowed his company to
produce a beautiful porcelain deck on a roof that initially presented many discouraging challenges.
“A while back, we were contracted to build a large rooftop deck. The existing rooftop was in very poor
condition and required a lot of maintenance before any new project could begin. Due to simple wear and
tear, weather exposure, and time, the roof had significantly deteriorated. While we could repair and
make the rooftop structurally sound again, we were left with an uneven, unsightly, and not-so-inviting
The first stage of this project was a challenging one, to say the least. Now we faced an even greater
challenge—how do we turn this rooftop into a beautiful and useful space without breaking the client’s
budget? Was it even possible? My crew and I put our collective heads together and began brainstorming
Every idea was either just plain impossible or way too costly. We were sure this was going to wind up a
losing job. It wasn’t looking good until we came upon a product allowing us to install porcelain pavers
using a pedestal system to float the deck directly over the unwelcoming and uneven rooftop surface.
Our client was a bit concerned that we wouldn’t be able to produce the rooftop deck he wanted. We
presented him with what we thought was the perfect solution, and he couldn’t agree more. Porcelain
pavers made the most sense for numerous reasons:

They’re installed on top of adjustable pedestals, overcoming many of our issues.
– They offer easy access to the systems hidden below the floating floor.
–  Porcelain pavers are durable enough to withstand wind and other elements.
–  We could easily maintain a slope underneath the pavers for drainage. Also, the tiles themselves
provided nearly instant drainage.
–  They did not cause any damage to the roofing structure and actually help to protect it.

Our client is very happy with their finished rooftop deck, and so are we. Using a pedestal system for the
first time showed us how much quicker we can turn around a project because of how easy it is to install.
We’re also beginning to bring in pedestals to help with repairs – these jobs are much easier now.
Because this system requires less labour and is faster to install, we save money; and we can pass some of
these savings onto the client.

I will not hesitate to recommend your porcelain/pedestal combo to future clients. The system made a
nearly impossible task remarkably straightforward, with better results than we ever expected.”
While contractors & deck builders aren’t known for their letter writing, we really enjoy hearing from
them. As we continue to refine our product line-up, user feedback is important to us.
Pedestals make it easy to cut costs and turn projects around faster. Adding porcelain pavers to the mix,
you’ve got a straightforward decking solution that is easy to install and ultimately gorgeous. Surfacing a
deck with porcelain tiles provides a variety of benefits. It also adds an upscale appeal to outdoor
projects, increasing a home’s value and the client’s enjoyment of it.
If you’re a contractor looking to cut your labour & costs, Canadian Pedestal Systems can help. Learn
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