Outdoor porcelain tiles offer a variety of slip-resistant properties that will have you upgrading your outdoor living space without fear of slips or falls. Porcelain is less porous than natural stone and absorbs less moisture than other hardscaping surface materials. The anti-slip and moisture resistant properties of porcelain tiles ensure a maximum level of safety in areas prone to wet conditions. The patterns printed on outdoor porcelain tiles add moderate texture to the tile surface and increase slip resistance. The surface texture largely determines the slipperiness of porcelain. Some porcelain tiles also have an anti-slip coating for additional peace of mind.

While no tile or other outdoor flooring can be entirely “slip-proof,” there are industry standards and tests that determine the slip resistance of tiles. The DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction value) is the industry standard, setting the minimum standard for exterior floor tile at ≥ .60 DCOF, whether for use on walkways or around a pool. Landmark Ceramics offers outdoor porcelain tiles rated as high as ≥ 0.70 (Grip Finish) for outdoor residential and commercial spaces and indoor installation wherever the highest anti-slip performances are required.